Local restaurant sets off chain reaction of good will!

In a simple act of kindness and community spirit, El Bar De Tapas in Stevenage has set off a chain reaction of good will.

At a time when local communities needed government to step up and support them, they have been let down. As I am sure everyone knows, there has been an ongoing conversation about how to best support the most vulnerable children in receiving much needed meals during the half term and Christmas breaks. A campaign that was led by Marcus Rashford faltered when the government refused to continue supporting a meals programme that would have ensured meals for children during out of school time.

El Bar De Tapas in Stevenage recently stepped up to the plate by stating that it would support the Stevenage community by supplying meals for our children during those times. This simple act of community spirit has reached the attention of Marcus Rashford and his campaign to feed children during the holidays, including an article in the Guardian today. It has also inspired an outpouring of local generosity and several other establishments; the Pied Piper Pub and the Pear Tree Pub have also stated that they would participate in similar programmes. I have no doubt that others will follow.

Stevenage Borough Council also has a programme to support our local community. Please follow this link for more information.


I would urge us to not stop here, remember, we have Christmas just around the corner.

Stevenage was the vision of those who thought a community could be created from the bottom up, now is our time to shine.

I would like to thank El Bar for its initial leadership, but I would like to thank everyone for the community support. If the government won’t support Marcus Ashford and our children, then we will.

El Bar has created a just giving page that has already surpassed its initial goal of £1,000.


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