Community Focus

Saturday at 5pm

Rewind: Wednesday 2pm

We want to tell everyone about the great work you are doing for our community. So Saturday and Sundays at 5pm we have a special programme that introduces us to North Herts by Community organisations and groups.


We ask you to : 

  1. Introduce yourself and who you are. 

  2. Introduce your group/organisation and how you began. 

  3. Tell our listener what services you offer and to whom. 

  4. Tell our listener how they can get in touch, your website links and social media links. 

It's that simple! We broadcast about 4 groups in each show.

You can take part in one of two ways.


  • We come to you and record your answers to the questions above.

  • You record the answers on your smartphone and send it to us to edit.

If you chose to record your piece yourself, don't worry about mistakes or pauses, just speak naturally and just say the answer over if you stumble, no need to start the recording again. We will edit your repsonses into a coherant piece for broadcast. 

So email to get featured. 

Click the play button to hear an example

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