The Health and Wellbeing Hour

Hosted by Jodie Yoga

Join Jodie every Wednesday as she discusses a range of topics covering Mind, Body and Spirit. Every week Jodie offers simple ideas and tips to help optimise both your health and wellbeing plus special guests who offer additional wisdom & insights to help maximise your potential.

Jodie is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist based in North Herts.  Part of Jodie’s mission is to use ancient yogic tools to re-connect students to their higher self so they can live their true purpose (dharma).  

Jodie has spent the past 10 years studying in the field of transformation (uncovering and breaking limiting conditioned thoughts and behaviours).  She also holds a B.Sc in Psychology.

Alongside this Jodie has spent time learning about nutrition, whole foods and how we can use food to heal.   

Jodie’s other interests include how we can best utilise esoteric healing wisdom alongside modern science too bring about not only healing but optimal health. How we can re-wild ourselves and give back to nature so that we can thrive in harmony on this earth.  And how we can include spirit and the sacred more readily in our lives.  

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