North Herts FM Outside Broadcast Unit

Last year we purchased a vintage and very run down Ice Cream trailer. We think it dates back to the 70's and was used as a permanent ice cream station at a static fun fair until it was left in a muddy field for may years. Acquired in May by a local retailer and then it sat in their field too! Until we discovered it, bought it and brought it home. It was in a terrible state. It needed a new floor, some welding at the back, the inside wall liners had to be removed and replaced, new electrics fitted (it had none),  and a total overhaul of the wheels and braking system.  8 months later we gave this old and sad ice cream trailer that has seen better days a new lease of life as North Herts FM's Outside Broadcast Studio.


You will not believe the transformation 



On the Road! Summer 2019

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