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We are a not for profit community radio station. That means that we all volunteer our time to forward the goals of North Herts Radio. To Empower, Inform, Entertain and provide new skills and opportunities to ALL members of our community. You can join our team to do anything regardless of your past skills and background. For all of our opportunities NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE is required. 

We are currently actively looking or the following people

Drive Time Presenter

We have a LIVE Drive Time show each weekday from 3pm til 6pm. The show seeks to provide afternoon entertainment and inform people about the journey home from work with regular Traffic, Public Transport and weather updates. The show also informs on current events happening in the area and regularly has phone in guests. If you are available at these times and feel you would be comfortable in a studio environment. please get in touch. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED but you should live locally to Stevenage. 

Please email studio@northhertsradio.com with "Drivetime" in the subject line. 

History programme Presenter/Producer

We are currently developing a 5 part series on the History of North Herts. Are you a local historian or someone with a knowledge and a passion for local history? We would love you to take part in this groundbreaking series being developed for North Herts Radio. 

Please email studio@northhertsradio.com with "History" in the subject line. 


A radio station needs LOTS of music to function. We have a library of over 200,000 audio tracks. This requires work to make sure each track is saved correctly and has the correct information attached to it. As our Librarian, you will be responsible for working on our database, making sure all the information is correct, all the tracks are in the correct categories and correctly labelled. You will also need to load new tracks as we receive them and make sure they are catalogues correctly. Are you up for the challenge? Training will be given and you can devote as much or as little time as you like. Totally flexible hours. 

Please email studio@northhertsradio.com with "Library" in the subject line. 

Producer (LIVE Shows)

A producers job is to assist the live presenter(s). That often means setting up social media posts, setting up live calls. greeting guests, researching information relevant to the show. Generating interactions from listeners etc. You will need to be outgoing and creative. Able to chat to people, Work under your own initiative. Like all of our opportunities, No prior experience is required.

Please email studio@northhertsradio.com with "Producer" in the subject line. 

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