Outside Broadcast Outreach

We would love to re-ignite peoples passion for radio. There is no other medium like it in the world. What separates radio from other audio services like Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes? The presenters. They have personality, humor, empathy, spirit and are very entertaining. You can engage with them and hear your requests, passions, dedication and activities on the air and know others are listening too. And it's not just about music. Talk Shows, Creative content, Nature, Health, Business, In fact anything you can talk about! It's a conversation between you and your local community. 

To help foster this passion we all have for radio, we are creating an outreach program of events for our local community. We can bring our Outside Broadcast Studio to you where we can show you how it all works and share our passion for broadcasting to a new and younger audience. If you are a school, college or community group and are interested in exploring this further at absolutely no cost to you, get in touch


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