Bringing Back The Girlguiding Community - By Lee Wilkinson

There are those people within a community who are the doers. They are the ones who talk less and produce more, they have a filter that only allows them to see the best in life and the possibility that others are.

The guest on my last show was Tina Cornish along with her son Will. Tina is a teacher, an actor, singer, a dancer and more recently she has become the Assistant County Commissioner for Girlguiding for Hertfordshire. Her Facebook bio sums it up well, wife, mother, teacher, Girlguiding leader, tap dancer, Pokémon trainer, Lego builder, stitcher...

On the show Tina spoke about her appointment as Assistant County Commissioner and of the values that are encouraged in the Girl Guides. She spoke about the feeling of community that comes from being part of a supporting group and she also talked about having a space where girls could feel comfortable being girls and find support from both peers and adults. A lot of the old traditions still exist in the Girl Guide community, things like trust, honour and respect however, Tina was quick to point out that Guides and Scouts alike have brought their organizations well and truly into the twenty first century and the idea of needle point and knitting have long gone along with the limiting beliefs about the fairer sex. Guides learn to abseil, compete in orienteering and high ropes, and train as first responders to name but a few of the activities they now do as well as their male counterparts. The arts are encouraged with everything from rock painting to knitting and of course there are still the badges that go along with all of these activities.

To listen to the interview check out Treading The Boards on North Herts Radio at on the listen again option for November 2nd. You can also visit the Girlguiding website for Hertfordshire at and find out what’s happening near you.

Our motto at North Herts Radio is ‘Bringing Back The Community’ but without people like Tina there simply is no community. You probably know some people in your community just like this. They care for the elderly or start after school clubs; they donate their time for the many charity shops that raise money for important causes. They usually work full time as well as raise their own children and they somehow find that extra time once a week to give of themselves without any thought of what they may get in return. I would like to say thank you to Tina and those like her who make our communities a better place to live.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, Will was also on the show along with Tina and is playing Danny in the upcoming production of Grease at the Highfield School and I’m hoping to get him back on the show to talk about his experience.

Until then.

Live Passionately, Ask Why!


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