Community Radio - Whats The Point?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

If you hear the words "Community Radio" what image does it conjure up for you?

North Herts FM Community resource?

Do you focus on the word "Community" or "Radio"? In this day and age with all the ways we have to consume media and entertainment, you may be asking yourself "What's the point in creating a radio station anyway"?

For me the focus word is "Community". What separates North Herts FM from other "local" stations like Bob FM and Heart is that we are fiercely community. We are small and so able to react quickly to the things happening in our community. We are accessible, giving people opportunities they wouldn't have normally had and definitely couldn't gain from the "Big" broadcasters. You can come to us with ideas, and we will listen and work with you to try and make those aspirations a reality. You can ask us to promote your event and we will do it for free.

Sometimes we have trouble getting groups to work with us. They don't respond to emails, phone calls etc. Someone recently suggested that maybe it's because they "Don't take you seriously". Here are some serious facts. We have helped raise awareness for many local and national charities like Fight Bladder Cancer UK, Breast Cancer Now, Dementia UK, Food Poverty Organisations, Local Film and Theatre Groups as well as raising the profile of a great many local creatives and musicians and helping local businesses. We have brought local events like Hitchin Football Commentary, Wilkestock and Herts Pride into the homes of people who can't get to the events through disability, lack of funds or transport issues. We have given people who have a passion for presenting, music, commentary a place where they can fulfill lifelong ambitions and share their passions with our community and around the world. We produce over 48 hours of original and local programming each week! All done by volunteers. We are on air 24/7, 365 days a year. So for those of you who think we aren't serious, rethink how powerful, wonderful and useful community radio is.

When I tell people I am Station Manager for a radio station they are always interested because it's radio. The part that makes me happy is providing something that the belongs to the whole community and an exciting platform to build cohesion and awareness, to try out new ideas, to succeed, to fail but always to try for all parts of our community in North Herts. Get behind us - We need your support.

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