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I always say North Herts Radio is "Community" First and "Radio" second. There are so many national stations that want you to believe they are in your local community but it takes local people, in your community to provide truly local community media. That's what we do here at North Herts Radio. I personally am very passionate about giving local people the opportunity to try out new skills. To gain confidence in themselves. To have the opportunity to do something they always wanted to do but didn't have the opportunity.

Take Our Youngest Football commentator. He has always wanted to commentate but never had the opportunity. The formation of North Herts Radio gave him the opportunity to do that and he is now award winning and set well on the path to a career in the field. He has some top fans too! From BBC to Talksport. Freddie is well known for his skill in bringing the excitement of the game to the listener

Local Baldock resident Scott has been a fan of Radio since his parents secured a trip to the former Chiltern Radio Studios on Bedford as an 18th birthday surprise. Scott has always wanted his own show. Most stations saw his disabilities and didn't want to give him a chance. We made special adaptations to our Studio and now Scott loves presenting his show "Scott's Musical Journey" on Friday evenings.

Hilary has been a fan of Classical music forever! When I went along to the Hitchin Branch of the Society of Authors to introduce them to North Herts Radio, Hilary approached me and said she has always wanted to present a classical music show. We now host the fabulous "Rubato" on Sunday afternoons. It's become a Sunday afternoon institution!

Throughout our whole schedule, there are plenty of examples of local people fulfilling long held dreams and presenting their passion to our community via North Herts Radio. So what am I personally most proud of? Yes, I am proud we can boast almost 20,000 listeners a month. I am proud of our local sponsors who help keep us on air, our local supporters who provide us with things to give away to our listeners. I am proud of our fantastic advertisers and everyone involved but i am most proud we are giving a platform for people to gain new skills, indulge long held passions, hidden talents and foster truly local Community with a capital "C".

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