New Music: From House To Country To Jazz!

By Lee Wilkinson

Between the demise of the record labels and the rise in popularity of platforms such as YouTube, Soundcloud and Vimeo, we have seen a surge in the creative talents of young artists. The collapse of the major record labels due to their unwillingness to move fast enough to keep up with an ever-changing playing field has allowed unknown talent to create and publish their own music and some of these very talented artists have gained followings in the millions, in some cases propelling them to stardom far quicker than any record label could have. We only need to look to musicians like the Arctic Monkeys, Charlie Puth, The Weeknd and Ed Sheeran to name a few. Content varies greatly and in turn, finds a dedicated audience who search for what they like instead of being spoon fed by corporate giants whose main goal is money and not always talent.

Enter self-promotion and the open platform of social media: Meghan Trainor has 11.2 million followers, Charlie Puth has 17.1 million followers and Ed Sheeran has a little over 45 million followers all on YouTube and, while the artists that are on Treading The Boards this week are only just starting their journey’s, they’re future is in they’re hands as apposed to being another number in the playlist of a large corporate machine.

More recently, artist’s like Allison Young, Josh Turner and Reina del Cid are carving out their own careers by creating content they are passionate about as they play to an audience hungry for what they produce. They are talented and professional, and they feed into a community hungry to belong to something new.

This week, I welcome three artists from the Hertfordshire area, Jack McGregor who goes by the DJ name of Terminal.

He’s an aspiring music producer with a passion for House and Drum and Base. Take a listen to the mix he created especially for Treading The Boards and I think you will agree, the man has chops as they used to say. You can find Terminal on Soundcloud with his debut mix

At the other end of the spectrum, and no less talented, is Ollie Lepage Dean who goes by the name of Lepage Dean. He is a writer, producer and musician extraordinaire! What’s not to like? Check him out on YouTube or iTunes. and with a superb creative Jazz album played in full on the show, it’s well worth the listen.

Remember when British artists would play Country Music and we would all cringe a little? Well, this next group is nothing like that. In fact, having lived in the States for twenty five years, I can tell you they would slip easily into the Country Scene over there and not miss a beat. Gypsy Lane is a wonderful combination of harmonies and musicianship ranging from ballads to hard driving country sounds that would be at home in Nashville.

You can find Gypsy Lane on YouTube at or on iTunes and Spotify

Treading The Boards goes out every Thursday from 10-12 and on Saturday’s from 12-2 midday.

I hope you will join me in celebrating the talents of these young, up and coming artists and support them on their journey. See you next time, Lee

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