Petti proving Hip Hop is NOT Dead

Petti. Ska, Reggae Hip Hop and Rap all in one package.

As a singer / songwriter, I approached North Herts FM for a possible inclusion of my songs on the Monday evening Indie show. Little did I know I’d be drafted in to present not one but two shows.

I’m a bit of a 2 Tone child. Grew up listening to it as well as reggae. As a first generation British (from Dominican parentage), I grew up listening to Bob Marley as well as soca. Since doing my show, I’m pleasantly surprised that 2 Tone hadn’t died in the 80s but instead reborn with a new crop of performers still keeping the genre alive today. Great for keeping my playlists current – mixed in with a music feature (or two).

Hip Hop and Rap are my other musical ‘love’ though I’m more ‘old school’ (Run DMC, Public Enemy, Salt n Pepa, Queen Latifa to name but a few). I try to keep the show more of an ‘old school’ lien with the odd – more recent releases thrown in for good measure

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