What's A Girl To Do?

Kate Dellar - What's a girl to do?

Now what’s a girl to do if she cannot make it to an away football match? Well she follows twitter of course, hopefully there is someone at the match! If not she’s all over the oppositions twitter feed keeping updated with the news! If she’s very lucky they may have a radio commentary, and at our level of football, step 3 non-league, that’s quite unlikely. Having listened to Kings Langley FC Radio commentary last season it was great it was to be able to keep up to date with what was going on and interact with their commentator, Christofer Walker during the match. A seed began to grow in my mind, this is exactly what Hitchin Town FC needed.

Football is inclusive and there is a wider audience out there to be reached. Non-league football is so much more rewarding than Premiership; you can wander the grounds, some of these are historical grounds that have been there for many years and some new and out of town due to developments within Town Centres. There are fans and supporters that just cannot get to away matches; they either cannot drive, too elderly to make the long journeys or too sick. But they still want to follow their favourite team.

By chance one day on twitter I spotted a tweet from North Herts FM a new community radio station. So, chance my arm and send an e mail asking if they may be interested in a joint venture with Hitchin Town FC and broadcasting football matches. I hit jackpot, Becky Phillips was really receptive to the idea, all I had to do was find a commentator, easy huh? Well you would think not, but don’t underestimate the passion of Hitchin Town Supporters. One shout out on the Club forum and I hooked Brian Gray, now our lead broadcaster. Three mails received from 3 Teenage supporters posing their interest and I couldn’t quite believe my luck!

Well here we are and I am very proud to say that a mad idea wasn’t quite so mad after all. The Commentary team, Brian, Freddie Cardy, Patrick Sloan & Annie Barnes are professional and passionate about what they do. They can make a really very dull match seem exciting. Becky has provided an excellent platform for non-league football to reach listeners who may not have been to a match previously or may not be able to travel to the match through whatever disability or distance in miles; for that I couldn’t be more grateful. North Herts FM have excelled any expectations that I had were possible. So, in answer to the question, what’s a girl to do? Just follow your dream, it will happen if you want it badly enough.

HItchin Town FC

Picture this; there we are traveling back on the coach from Bedworth, the commentary Team having completed the first away broadcast very successfully. The subject gets on to music and tastes and Brian and myself find ourselves talking about our love of rock and swapping band names. Before we could complete the conversation, Brian has signed us up to DJ Becky’s new Rock show!!! It’s a joke, right? I’m a BOOK-KEEPER for heavens sake!! Well, petrified is not the word I would use, actually yes, it is! We now have 4 shows under our belt and I cannot quite believe it. I have made two wonderful friends in Becky and Brian AND I get the chance to play and listen to my favourite Rock tunes. It’s a dream, right? See, I told you, Dreams do come true

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