July 29th 2018

 Some pictures of the field we retrieved the unit from and our first impressions. It was finally brought home on a recovery truck. 

This is our future OB Unit looking very sad and run down in a field in rural Hertfordshire

At the moment the entrance to the trailer is a half door. We will need to make this a full door in the finished unit

This is one of the full side (10 feet) hatches. 6 feet of it will be replaced by a clear window with the final 4 feet panelled.

A view of the A frame which is solid


Side and rear hatches. These offer a lot of light when opened.

Wheel rims need some TLC and new tyres.

Wheel rims need some TLC and new tyres.

This is the trickiest job that needs to be done. The back end sat in the mud for years and consequently, the complete lower strut and some of the side struts have rotted away. They need to be replaced.


More wheel TLC required on this side.

THisis more rusted away strut on the other side.

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More wheel TLC required on this side.