The House that jack built

I have always had a passion for music throughout my life, but since graduating from the University of Bedfordshire it had increased massively. I love all genres of music and I feel like that is the best way to be. I have been to many raves and festivals over the past few years. Creamfields 2015 was where it all started. I had just turned 18 not long before this, so as you can imagine it was pretty surreal at the time. I have been to Creamfields consistently for 4 years now and was meant to go this summer but unfortunately, I couldn’t due to the circumstances. Since going to my first rave at the end of 2018 I had been going to raves pretty much every month since. It is a bold statement but I would say raving is defiantly one of my favourite things to do and if you haven’t been before then you should definitely consider it. 

House Music, Drum and Bass, Bassline, Garage, Electric Dance Music and Hip Hop are my main genres where I would usually listen to daily (so basically anything with a good beat). For my shows, I will be listening to a lot of up to date music and club anthems to get you in that Saturday night feeling. At the moment I am currently a bedroom DJ with high ambitions to make it somewhere in the future. You can find my SoundCloud at where I am consistently uploading mix’s as well as working on my production to be able to start releasing my own tracks. You can also find my Instagram at terminal_uk. If you’re looking for some good music to listen to when getting ready, pre-drinking or partying then Saturday night on North Herts Radio is where you should be. 

6pm Saturdays

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