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The brand new radio show bringing you into the world of Transgender people. Listen in to find out about this misunderstood condition, to ask questions you always wanted to know the answers to or as a trans person, to get tips on various aspects of transitions and living with Gender Dysmorphia,

The Presenters

I’m Leighton, a 27 year old trans guy born and bred in London. A youthful face but an old soul passionate about creating a more educated and accepting society.

I'm Sophie, a Trans girl who loves every part of  my life and I strive to be the best girl I can be.  I love to explain my world to people and help others like me.

Hello my name is Davina and I’m 36 years old Transgender Female, I’ve had the surgery in January 2018 and I live in Essex. I’m a Scout Leader, Archery  Instructor for County Scouts, Essex Pride Coordinator for Scouts and Flags Member for Scouts.

Hello, my names Connie, I’m 22 and as you can guess from my hoops I’m from Essex. I’m a 6’5 Transgender women. Not only do I fight for Trans rights but for women who believe that can’t dare to be tall and wear heels!

Michelle Maddison

Hi I'm Clouse. I'm a very quiet person and suffer from social anxiety. I'm a huge animal lover and just want to go around helping any and all animals that need it. I knew I was transgender from a very young age but didn't understand it until I was 16 or so, I have now been on T from two years and it's the best decision I've ever made!

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